Course Evaluation Averages
Fall 2014 – Spring 2016

“The Instructor was well prepared for class.”                                            4.86/5
Dept: 4.8/5     School/College: 4.7/5    Campus: 4.74/5

“The instructor explained course material clearly.”                                   4.66/5
Dept: 4.54/5    School/College: 4.6/5    Campus: 4.5/5

“The instructor cleared up points of confusion.”                                        4.74/5
Dept: 4.54/5    School/College: 4.6/5     Campus: 4.5/5

“The instructor used class time well.”                                                          4.66/5
Dept: 4.54/5    School/College: 4.54/5    Campus: 4.54/5

“The instructor inspired interest in the subject matter.”                             4.52/5
Dept: 4.24/5    School/College: 4.6/5     Campus: 4.44/5

“The instructor showed an interest in helping students learn.”                 4.86/5
Dept: 4.7/5    School/College: 4.8/5    Campus: 4.7/5

“I received useful feedback on my performance on tests, papers, etc.”   4.72/5
Dept: 4.54/5    School/College: 4.6/5     Campus: 4.44/5

“The methods of evaluating my work were fair.”                                          4.58/5
Dept: 4.5/5    School/College: 4.76/5     Campus: 4.6/5

“The instructor stimulated student participation.”                                        4.74/5
Dept: 4.5/5    School/College: 4.7/5    Campus: 4.54/5

“Overall, how much do you feel you learned in this course?”                      4.04/5
Dept: 3.6/5    School/College: 3.96/5     Campus: 4.0/5

“Overall rating of this instructor’s teaching.”                                                 4.54/5
Dept: 4.4/5    School/College: 4.52/5    Campus: 4.42/5

“Overall rating of this course.”                                                                          4.1/5
Dept: 3.8/5    School/College: 4.2/5     Campus: 4.1/5



Selected Course Evaluation Comments

"This instructor was very engaging and cared a lot about his students."
"made sure everyone was on the same page"
"makes you feel like you matter and are part of a whole"
"With a small class such as this one, it is important for everyone to participate and Daniel did a good job making sure that everyone did"
"Daniel Ehrenfeld has made a class I have always struggled with a class I look forward to going to every session. His inclusiveness and non-differentiating attitude was obvious from the start and was the reason I got so interested in the class"
"I like that Professor Ehrenfeld was always so enthusiastic when he was teaching; by showing that he cared, it made me want to work hard and do well in the course. He was very understanding and his feedback was always helpful."
"I liked that I could approach my instructor with any question and didn't feel weird doing so."
"skill in observing and discussing the relations students have with sensitive issues is admirable and can be appreciated from multiple perspective."
"I thought this particular instructor was very interested in the personal opinions of each student."
"Prof. was incredibly passionate about what he was teaching and how he was teaching it. He made sure everyone was engaged/participating/no one was left out."